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      The society is a community based Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society, located in the Penarth area. We are made up of adults and children many of which are  family members. We perform four main productions annually, two plays from our drama section, a musical and a pantomime from our musical section.

      In addition, we have various events, one night productions and fundraisers to be enjoyed by all. 

      Looking for a new hobby? Do you have an interest in carpentry? Or maybe you
 are good at D.I.Y. maybe a flair for design, or do you enjoy painting.
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      We would love to see you in ANY capacity, maybe as a performer in our shows, helping out front or backstage, as an audience member. Just click on this link How Can I Get Involved to find more information.

      Comic Potential

 P.O.D.S. will be putting on this very funny show in October this year, if you are interested in taking part in this show then please download the audition pack by just clicking the link below this wild download a PDF file with all the details for you to read to see if one the parts would be suitable for you, and that the times and dates of both the show and rehearsals you are available. Download