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March 2018 Play   Last Man Standing

   Last Man Standing by Jude Cole is a play set around the historical background of World War I and more specifically the first day of the Battle of the Somme in France.  At the heart of the play are timeless issues involving friendship, enmity, courage, cowardice, guilt, innocence, love and hate.  The play catches the spirit of those men who were brought together, served together and suffered together.
   P.O.D.S. in presenting "Last Man Standing" in 2018, the last year of the 100 years Anniversary of World War I, wishes to commemorate and honour the men who fought, and those who gave their lives, for our country. 

Again we have another new director, P.O.D.S. Chairman Mary Gardener and we wish her all the best and look forward to this strong and poignant play.

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