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I would like to be on stage.

There are so many ways you can be involved on the stage.

  I can act, but don't want to sing -   what are my options?

 There is no singing in most
of our plays.
 Contact our Head of Drama and join in a play.

E-Mail :- Head of Drama

  I like to sing and dance, but not on my own.

You could be ideal for the chorus in a musical or panto.
You never know! In a year or two you could be going solo!

E-Mail :- Head of Musicals

I'm a singer and dancer with lots of acting experience.

It sounds like you would be an ideal cast member in any of our shows!
Join now!
Do not pass go!

Just E-Mail either the
 Head of Drama or Musicals
I've never done anything before, where should I start?

We all start somewhere.
P.O.D.S. will give you a warm welcome.
Come and have a chat and a look at what goes on before you decide to join.

E-Mail :- The Chairman