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This is the 1950s Show Page

This is a full list of the shows we did in this decade, we hope to add further details of these shows soon.

1950 Concert The Blue Goose
1950 Pink String & Sealing Wax  
1951 Acacia Avenue The Rebel Maid
1951 Ladies in Retirement  
1952 And this was Odd The Geisha
1952 Bonaventure  
1953 Charity Begins The Desert Song
1953 Yes & No A Country Girl
1953 Merrie England The Student Prince
1954 After my Fashion Castles in Spain
1954 Young Wives Tale  
1955 The Heiress The Happy Marriage 
1955 The Mikado  
1956 The Quaker Girl Dear Murderer
1956 Book of the Month  
1957 Maritza The Circle
1957 Mirth & Melody  
1958 Ring Out an Alibi Good Night Vienna
1958 Two Dozen Roses Mixed Gril
1959 Blithe Sprit The Land of Smiles
1959 According to the Doctor