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1960  Simon & Laura  Bless This House
1961  Seagulls over Sorrento  Breath of Spring
1962  Wanted A Body
1962  Magyr Melody  Murder on Arrival
1963  Dear Charles  The King & I
1963  Ring Out an Alibi
1964  Salad Days  Ring Around the Moon
1964  South Pacific  The Key of the Door
1965  Pool's Paradise  The Merrie Widow
1965  Breath of Spring  The Rape of The Belt
1966  Carousel  Mid - Summer Mink
1966   Wishing Well
1967  Roar Like a Dove
1967  Kismet
 As Long As They're  Happy
1968  Camelot  When We Are Married
1968  Ring out an Alibi
1969  Orpheus in the  Underworld   On Monday Next