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Below is the N.O.D.A. review of this great show.

Producer / Director Phillip Sage

N.O.D.A. Review Author:     Sharon  Davies

I do love to see a play, but it is not very often I get the chance, as the majority of the Societies I review perform musicals.

This is a well-known and beloved sit com, and P.O.D.S. did it proud.

Val Mallows as the redoubtable Hyacinth, was a treat, just enough of Patricia Routledge without it being a caricature. A very good comedy performance.

 All the characters were very well cast and  played sympathetically, I particularly  liked Emmet’s (Vic Atkins) slow decent into hysteria, another very good  performance. Milly (Robert Gairey) had me giggling every time he came on,
 from shy self - conscious at the beginning to partner of man mad Rose
 (Debbie Appollonio) The whole thing was a joy to watch, very well acted and a nice  set. It is lovely to leave a theatre giggling after having a good night’s entertainment.
 Thank you yet again for your marvellous hospitality, and I hope to see you soon.